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Covid 19 has knocked us all for six and pretty much everything we’d like to do is either not allowed, or now requires a great deal of thought and preparation. We’ve all been shut indoors for months and are looking forward to the day when we can finally get together with friends, family and loved ones.

Farncombe Boat House remains closed due to the Government restrictions and we are awaiting guidance of when we can return and how to do so safely. For our seasonal business 2020 has been disastrous so far and has yet to even start. For those who don’t know, the tumble weir in the centre of Guildford collapsed on 2nd November 2019 and as a result there has been no navigable river between St Catherines and Millmead locks ever since. There was initially a plan to have it open for the beginning of April ready for Easter, but due to unforeseen circumstances and prolonged flooding this idea sank without trace, and then Covid19 arrived. Thankfully work has continued on the weir during lockdown and fingers crossed, by mid June we may have access to the river beyond St Catherines – Hurrah! BUT only when the Government gives us the green light to re-open can we resume boat hire, which is hopefully at the beginning of July.

When we do reopen it isn’t going to be the same. We may have to start by opening up the dayboat booking first and we may not be able to provide inventory, tea-towels, handtowels for dayboats for example, you may need to wear face-coverings during demonstrations.. at this stage we just don’t know, but be assured that when we can open, we will because we are missing our way of life.. people, dogs, boats, kids, boats, ducks, boats, phones ringing, boats… you get the picture.

Please watch this space, ‘Like’ us on Facebook, ‘follow’ us on Instagram and Twitter (although I’m really bad at twitter) WHEN we can open we will shout about it on those platforms and here of course, until then, stay safe, be alert and save lives (May the force be with you)

Love and socially distant hugs from Lynn, Russ and Connie Chase






Just a little thankyou….

We at Farncombe Boat House would like to thank all of our wonderful customers who have been incredibly supportive and happy to move their holidays and dayboat booking to later in the year when things get back to normal – it really does mean a lot to us so THANKYOU, your are all amazing!

Spring is in the air and we’re itching to get back to work and see you all out on the river enjoying yourselves, so lets all do the right thing for now, stay home, stay safe and we’ll see each other very soon..

Very best wishes from all the team at Farncombe Boat House



Christmas and New Years Hours for 2019/20

We’ll be popping in and out to check on water levels, boats, post deliveries etc. but not officially working on closed days.

From us all at Farncombe Boat House, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope to see you all in 2020.

No Increase for Mooring Prices for 2020

As is the norm at this time of year, boaters are thinking about a change of scenery so why not come and take a look at the River Wey? Our lovely quiet moorings are a delightful spot even if you decide to go no where at all, but with Godalming just up the road or a 10/15 minute cruise with its shops, restaurants and pubs to mooch around, and Guildford a couple of hours down stream, you can enjoy both as well as all the other delights the Wey has to offer. There are train stations at Godalming, Farncombe and Guildford, and we are on the main bus route to Guildford as well so we are well connected. We are holding our mooring prices again so no surprise increase for 2020 – give us a call to reserve your new mooring soon.

It may be January and cold but don’t despair, it will soon be spring but while we wait why not book something to look forward to? We’ve been quietly beavering away down here at the boathouse preparing the boats for 2019, and we’ve made a few changes to our holiday boat fleet as well.

If you have a special date in mind, we advise you to book early as we are already filling quickly on some dates – Give us a call


Recreational Moorings available for 2019 at our 2018 price

We will not be increasing the prices of our recreational moorings at all for 2019, they will be maintained at our 2018 rate. If you are considering a change of scenery (ours is VERY pretty) please pop in, give us a ring or drop us a line and we will be happy to give you further details or meet up for a chat and a look around.

Mooring at Farncombe Boat House

We Have Mooring Availability

The project to re-profile and pile the mooring island finished in March this year and we have spent all Summer making it beautiful, so it is now well and truly ready for new moorers. Our moorings are strictly NON -RESIDENTIAL and are double breasted narrowboat moorings. We have water, electric hookup available with Ts&Cs, a tearoom, diesel, pumpout and gas available. If you’re looking for a quiet spot not far from town, the shops, the station and with a very pretty view Godalming is perfect. We guarantee our mooring fees will remain unchanged for 2018 and 19 and will not be reviewed until at least March 2020.

If you’d like to have a look around or have chat, please give us a call – we love to chat!


Day Boats are booking up quickly

Narrowboat VikingCoorrr! We have five day boats,  but we  are booking up quickly now and weekends are very nearly full (although we do have midweek dates available). We currently have one day boat available on Sunday 10th June and three on Sunday 17th June. After that in July we have one Sunday 1st July, one on 8th and one on 22nd.